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Models of Human Memory


Models of Human Memory provides an overview of the state of knowledge on human memory models. The book begins with an introductory chapter on the basic stages of the memory system and the historical roots of memory models. The remaining chapters are organized into five parts.
Part I on memory systems covers topics such as a system for perception and memory; multi-trace strength theory of memory; and a model for postperceptual verbal memory that postulates a single memory store, with multiple copies, called replicas, created in memory by rehearsal processes. Part II presents studies phoneme storage and word recognition. Part III on memory for associations examines the storage-retrieval theory for the memorizing processes and presents simple model of short-term memory (STM) for paired associates. Part IV on storage and retrieval mechanisms deals with mechanisms of repetition and rehearsal in short-term memory; models of recall and recognition; and memory search models. Part V presents a theory of human long-term associative memory; and examines conceptual and methodological interactions between information-processing investigations of cognitive activity and attempts to build models of memory.