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Psychopathic Disorders


Psychopathic Disorders considers the causation, diagnosis, and treatment of psychopathic disorders. The psychopath presents sociological, medical and legal problems which have been assessed individually. The antisocial nature of the psychopath impinges on society as a whole but brings him into closest contact with those concerned with the law and medicine.
After a brief introduction to the concept of psychopathy, this 12-chapter book goes on examining England and Wales' law and practice of psychopathic disorder. The succeeding chapters discuss the criminal responsibility of psychopaths, the causation of this medical condition, and the procedures for diagnosis. Considerable chapters illustrate the different methods of care of psychopaths practiced in England. This book also looks into the psychopath law and practice in the United States. The concluding chapters deal with country's treatment facilities for psychopaths.
This book is of value to psychologists and psychiatrists.