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The Inner Ear

Including Otoneurology, Otosurgery, and Problems in Modern Warfare


The Inner Ear: Including Otoneurology, Otosurgery, and Problems in Modern Warfare covers the anatomical, physiological and the central pathways of the inner ear. This book is composed of 15 chapters that particularly consider the pathologic anatomy of the various forms of labyrinthine diseases.
The first three chapters deal with the clinical anatomy and physiological features of the inner ear. The next chapter examines certain conditions that can be observed during induced and abnormal excitability of the labyrinth. These topics are followed by considerable chapters on various forms of labyrinthine diseases, including otosclerosis, inflammatory diseases, intracranial complications, congenital diseases, neoplasms, facial palsy, vascular lesions, and war trauma. A chapter evaluates the potential use of sulfa drugs in chemotherapy for inner ear cases. Another chapter surveys the role of the inner ear in the aeronautics and the functional tests for aviation fitness. The last chapter discusses the effects of atmospheric pressure changes on the ear.
This book will be of value to otologists, otoneurologists, and otosurgeons.