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A Neurological Study of Newborn Infants

Clinics in Developmental Medicine, No. 28

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1. Auflage, 1968

A Neurological Study of Newborn Infants considers the consistencies and inconsistencies of neonatal neurological signs. The possibility of a relationship between pre- and perinatal complications of pregnancy and later cerebral dysfunction has led to an increasing interest in the early detection of these defects in the newborn infant.
This book is divided into nine chapters, and begins with a presentation of standardized procedures to obtain reliable information from the neurological examination. The next chapters deal with the developmental course of neurological signs during the first days of life. The final chapters discuss the potential effects of obstetrical and postnatal conditions on the developmental course and the consistency of neurological signs throughout the neonatal period.
This book is an invaluable source for developmental biologists, neurologists, pediatricians, and obstetricians.
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