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Essays in Toxicology

Volume 7


Essays in Toxicology, Volume 7 presents essays on toxicology and related topics. The book presents essays on the effects of toxicants on reproductive performance; an overall view of carcinogenesis from an epidemiological viewpoint and the potentialities and limitations of the epidemiological method in cancer control; and the activity of cytochrome P450 and mixed-function oxidase in target and nontarget organisms. The text also includes essays on the toxicity of hexachlorophene and the use of hexachlorophene as an antibacterial agent; the methodology, dose measurement, and respiratory function assessment in respiratory toxicology; as well as behavioral toxicology, with focus on early warning and worker safety and health. Pharmacologists, biochemists, pathologists, neurophysiologists, epidemiologists, and toxicologists will find the book invaluable.