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Routes of Drug Administration

Topics in Pharmacy


Routes of Drug Administration covers topics about parenteral and enteral routes of drug administration. The book discusses the anatomy and physiology of administration sites; the formulation and design of delivery systems; and other relevant aspects of biopharmaceutics. The text describes pulmonary delivery, nasal, buccal, and transdermal routes of administration for systemic delivery, as well as a number of systems for more localized therapy with antibiotics. Innovative methods of antibiotic administration, such as continuous and intermittent infusion, endotracheal installation, aerosol delivery, antibiotic-impregnated catheters, antibiotic-containing bone cement, and beads, are also considered. Senior undergraduate and postgraduate students in pharmacy, medicine, nursing and allied health sciences and practitioners in these fields, as well as other professionals concerned with the preparation and administration of medicines and the monitoring of drug therapy will find the book useful.