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Perspectives in Basic and Applied Toxicology

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1. Auflage, 1988

Perspectives in Basic and Applied Toxicology features a collection of essays on various aspects of toxicology. It aims to relate fundamental knowledge of toxicology to its application in assessing relevance of that information to the causation of adverse health effects, predicting hazardous situations, defining protective and precautionary measures, and the recognition and management of intoxication in humans. Another objective of this volume is to encourage those with responsibility for the training of toxicologists to instill a greater concern about ethical and moral issues as fundamental to the practice of toxicology as a profession with wide-ranging social implications.
This book is organized into 14 chapters. The coverage of these chapters include assessment of chemical hazards in the workplace, the relation between animal studies and epidemiology in the context of industrial toxicology, carcinogenicity testing in animals, and biochemical evaluation of neurotoxicity.
This book will be of interest to undergraduate and graduate toxicologists, pharmacologists, physicians, industrial hygienists, and other health professionals.
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