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Biotechnology Risk Assessment

Issues and Methods for Environmental Introductions

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1. Auflage, 1986

Biotechnology Risk Assessment: Issues and Methods for Environmental Introductions tackles the environmental concerns associated with utilizing contemporary biotechnology. The title also examines the methods of implementing biotechnology while also minimizing the risks.
The text first covers the suitability and applicability of risk assessment methods for environmental applications of biotechnology, and then proceeds to tackling the methods for evaluation of microorganism properties. Next, the selection deals with human exposure to viruses and genetically altered bacteria. The text also tackles the effects of bioengineered organisms on the ecosystem, along with the assessment of the transport and fate of bioengineered microorganisms in the environment. The seventh chapter discusses the analysis of the function and structure of ecosystem, while the eighth chapter details the controlled testing and monitoring methods for microorganisms.
The book will be of great use to biotechnologists, microbiologists, ecologists, epidemiologists, and virologists.
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