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Fermentation Products

Proceedings of the Sixth International Fermentation Symposium Held in London, Canada, July 20-25, 1980

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1. Auflage, 1981

Advances in Biotechnology, Volume III: Fermentation Products is the third of a series of three volumes and is based on the proceedings of the Sixth International Fermentation Symposium (IFS-6) held in London, Ontario, Canada, 20-25 July 1980.
This volume contains 87 papers organized into nine sections. The papers under Section I deal with developments in the field of secondary metabolism (functions of secondary metabolites in the producing organisms; roles of plasmids in the biosynthesis of secondary metabolites; and protoplast fusion in industrial microorganisms). Sections II to VII examine the fermentation of antibiotics; amino acids, vitamins, and nucleotides; microbial enzymes; products from immobilized cells and enzymes; mycotoxins; and biopolymers. The final two sections present studies on bioconversions. The volume also includes the invited keynote address of Professor Hamao Umezawa ''Problems and Trends in the Development of New Antibiotics and Other Useful Microbial Products''.
This volume will be a valuable resource for students and researchers in industrial microbiology, biochemical engineering and related areas, as well as managers of biotechnology.
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