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A Nonsurgical Approach to Breast Cancer Lump Removal...


You discover a lump in your breast...So you get a mammogram, a needle Biopsy, then meet with an oncologist who tells you you have DCIS & you basically have to have a lumpectomy...The other options you are offered may be mastectomy, tamoxifen, chemotherapy or radiation...You get rushed into making a decision because everyone tells you time is of the essence... But what could you possibly do yourself at home? Whether or not you get a cancer diagnosis, how could you possibly try to get rid of the lump yourself? While you are making your decisions, what could you do proactively? After facing this situation myself, I decided to figure out a protocol that I could follow myself...I was in the middle of writing my 3rd book, which coincidentally was on the subject of how to avoid surgery...I decided that God had put me on this path & changed the course of my research of that book to seek answers to my own problem... It took me the entire 3rd book to come up with a way to reverse a breast cancer lump from malignant to benign...The process is called 'Phenotypic Reversion'...Hence the title of this short book, which summarizes my findings from Book 3, Book 4 & Book 5...Yes, it took me 3 books to figure out a protocol... REPOWOMAN is about repossessing your body...Taking back what is rightfully yours...