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Brain Browser

A Spinnaker PlusTM-Based Hypertext Aplication for Microsoft(r) WindowsTM


Brain Browser is designed to assist researchers as well as beginning and advanced neuroscience students in their efforts to organize, analyze, and contribute to the growing detailed knowledge of the brain. Brain Browser serves as an electronic notebook for neuroanatomy and offers numerous educational and research applications.
For the Student:
Learn the organization and structure of the rat brain
Organize your knowledge of brain function and structure
Store neuroanatomical references and terms in an efficient manner
For the Advanced Neuroscientist:
Add your own experimental results and build a personal database
Organize and recall multiple items of complexly interrelated data
Develop a more efficient and organized way to write papers and do research
Brain Browser consists of four main Hypertext stacks:
Learner introduces the beginner to rat brain organization and provides elementary coverage of circuits, cells, and neurotransmitters.
NeuroNavigator presents a computer atlas based on The Rat Brain: In Stereotaxic Coordinates, by George Paxinos and Charles Watson (Academic Press, Second Edition, 1986).
Linker is an extensive database of neuronal circuitry (the afferent and efferent connections between brain locations).
DataMaker enables users to add or modify templates of the atlas plates with their own data.
In addition, the Reference program, containing more than 320 references, links any desired reference to any data point. The Dictionary defines terms used in Brain Browser and allows users to add new entries.
The program includes five high-density disks, a user's manual, and a complete tutorial. User support is provided by electronic mail on CompuServe(r).
Department site licenses are available, as well as a buyer's frequency plan. Contact the publisher for complete details.
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