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Physiology of Mollusca

Volume I


Physiology of Mollusca, Volume I focuses on the physiology of mollusks, as well as respiration, reproduction, embryogenesis, gastrulation, and shell formation and regeneration.
The selection first offers information on the classification and structure of the Mollusca and the physiological aspects of the ecology of intertidal mollusks. Topics include respiration and excretion of shore mollusks, physiological variations in intertidal mollusks, Amphineura and Monoplacophora, Cephalopoda, Scaphopoda, and Gastropoda. The publication then evaluates the physiological aspects of ecology in nonmarine mollusks and reproduction of mollusks.
The book touches on the development of mollusks and the culture of marine bivalve larvae. Discussions focus on gastrulation, embryogenesis, cleavage, and culture under laboratory conditions and in ponds and outdoor tanks. The manuscript then explains shell formation and regeneration, osmotic and ionic regulation, and muscle and neuromuscular physiology.
The selection is highly recommended for readers interested in the physiology of mollusks.