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Origins of Physiological Regulations

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1. Auflage, 2013

Origins of Physiological Regulations focuses on arrangements that maintain bodily properties and activities, including heart rate regulation, water intake and secretion, and cardiac determination.
The monograph first offers information on physiological regulation, nonregulation and regulation, and ontogeny of physiological regulation. The text then ponders on heart rate regulation, programmed development, and metabolic equilibration. Discussions focus on early cardiac determination, cardiac pacemaker, set points, self-contained programs, water excretion and intake, and tolerance curves.
The publication examines concentrations and their differentials and constancy and variability, including cellular composition and resting and range of heart rates. The text then elaborates on behavior as regulation, tools of regulation, feedbacks in regulations, tolerances and protections, and adaptations to environment.
The monograph is a dependable source of information for research workers and advanced students interested in regulatory physiology or developmental biology.
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