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Conjugates of Steroid Hormones


Conjugates of Steroid Hormones focuses on the synthesis, isolation, assay, and metabolism of steroid conjugates.
The book first offers information on the isolation of steroid conjugates and sulfates of steroid hormones. Topics include separation of steroid conjugates by adsorption, isolation from natural sources, group separation of sulfates and glucuronides, enzymic synthesis, and separation of steroid conjugates by solvent extraction. The manuscript then tackles glucuronides and glycosides of steroid hormones, as well as chemical synthesis and biosynthesis of diconjugates.
The text ponders on phosphates of steroid hormones and metabolism of steroid conjugates. Discussions focus on the occurrence of steroid phosphates in biological fluids; metabolism of dehydroepiandrosterone sulfate to estrogens; formation of dehydroepiandrosterone sulfate; and estrogen conjugates.
The publication is highly recommended for organic chemists and biochemists.