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Autoradiography in Biology and Medicine


Autoradiography in Biology and Medicine focuses on the applications of autoradiography in medicine and biology, including photographic processes, emulsions, and response of films to isotopes and x-rays.
The book first offers information on the meaning of autoradiography, including the etymology of autoradiography, photographic emulsion as a scientific instrument, and the relationship of biologists and autoradiography. The publication then examines the photographic process and comparative response of commercial and scientific emulsions. Discussions focus on fixation, washing, emulsion, response of films to electrons, x-rays, and gamma rays, and response of films to beta ray spectra of isotopes.
The text takes a look at commercial photographic materials for autoradiography, autoradiographic image, and resolution. The manuscript then reviews the estimation of dose and exposure time, sources of error, and techniques. Topics include chemical variables, estimation of exposure time, errors occurring during the preparation of the autoradiogram for exposure, and contour autoradiography.
The book is a valuable reference for readers interested in autoradiography.