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A Synopsis of Ophthalmology

Synopsis of Ophthalmology

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1. Auflage, 1951

A Synopsis of Ophthalmology provides a comprehensive view of the whole of ophthalmology in one small volume. It includes the rare as well as the common conditions and to gives as much attention to pathology and treatment as space permits. The book opens with a chapter on the routine examination of the ophthalmic patient. This is followed by separate chapters on diseases of the conjunctiva, cornea, uveal tract, retina, sclera, optic nerve, vitreous, lens, orbit, and eyelid. Subsequent chapters cover contact lenses, impact of malnutrition on the eyes, ophthalmic operations, allergies, and chemotherapy in eye diseases.
This book is intended for the following important sections of the medical community: the senior medical student who will appreciate an inexpensive and multum in parvo volume to help him when first attending the ophthalmic out-patient department; the busy general practitioner, who lacks the time to wade through a larger book; and the post-graduate student or Ophthalmic House Surgeon working for a higher diploma in ophthalmology who may be glad of a condensed work of this kind when revising for examinations.
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