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Scientific Basis of Cancer Chemotherapy


Scientific Basis of Cancer Chemotherapy focuses on methods and approaches in the treatment of cancer, including detection, chemotherapeutic agents, and hormonal therapy.
The selection first offers information on the detection of anti-cancer agents through screening tests and extracellular factors affecting the response of tumors to chemotherapeutic agents. Discussions focus on induced and transplanted tumors, alkylating agents, anti-folics, rate of excretion, dosage regimen, and extra-cellular deactivation. The text then elaborates on intracellular factors influencing the response of tumors to chemotherapeutic agents and chemotherapy and immune reactions.
The publication ponders on dose schedules and modes of administration of chemotherapeutic agents in man and the methodology of controlled clinical trials. Topics include toxicity study in animals and clinical pharmacology; classification of chemotherapeutic agents according to their mechanism of action; and classical methodology. The book also takes a look at the biological basis of hormonal therapy of cancer and chemotherapy in the strategy of cancer treatment.
The selection is highly recommended for health professionals and readers interested in cancer chemotherapy.