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Advances in Oral Biology

Volume 4

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1. Auflage, 1970

Advances in Oral Biology, Volume 4 emphasizes the development of clinical laboratory tests in the diagnosis and treatment of oral disease.
This book discusses the use of computer techniques in the study of growth; factors controlling apatite crystallization, with particular reference to the effect of fluoride and accompanying ions; biochemistry of the dental plaque; and antigens of oral bacteria. The central nervous system responses to tooth pulp stimulation and their modification by drugs; effects of corticosteroids on the dental pulp; and biophysical approach to epithelial cell interactions with teeth are also elaborated. This text likewise covers the cell renewal, with special reference to the gingival epithelium; biochemical assay of heterogeneous soft tissues of the oral cavity; and microradiography of oral tissues.
This publication is valuable to dental practitioners, as well as students concerned with oral biology.
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