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Circulation in Skeletal Muscle

Proceedings of an International Symposium Held at Smolenice, Czechoslovakia, 1966

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1. Auflage, 1968

Nervous Regulation of Circulation in Skeletal Muscle covers the proceedings of the 1966 International Symposium on Circulation in Skeletal Muscle, held at Smolenice, Czechoslovakia.
This book is organized into five parts compassing 30 chapters, and starts with a survey of the central nervous regulation of skeletal muscle circulation and the role of fluids regulating in the nervous system and muscles of man. The subsequent part describes the pathways of blood, the relations of the agents in circulation to the body, and the factors determining the blood flow in the human body. Other parts highlight the interrelations between blood flow and metabolism. These parts also tackle the effects of plasma osmolality on resistance to blood flow through skeletal muscle and the effects of venous pressure on capacitance alternations in resting skeletal muscle. The final part examines the process of autoregulation in skeletal muscle.
This book will be of value to surgeons, neurologists, and allied scientists.
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