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Morphometry of the Human Lung


Morphometry of the Human Lung considers the developments in understanding the quantitative anatomy of the lung, and in the correlation of anatomy with physiology.
This book is composed of 11 chapters, and begins with an overview of a systematic approach to a quantitative morphologic analysis of the architecture of the human lung, followed by a presentation of general problems of methodology and the derivation of reliable dimensional models of this organ. The subsequent chapters describe the methods of preparation of tissues, methods of random sampling, and adaptation of methodologies from other fields of science. These topics are followed by discussions the mathematical formulations for the translation of the data into the desired geometric forms and a technique of counting. The final chapters look into the mode of distribution and geometric forms that should eventually facilitate mathematical and physical considerations regarding the function of the lungs. These chapters also consider the application of these quantitative methods to the study of pathologic specimens, providing a most timely renovation of morphologic pathology.
This book will be of value to pulmonologists, physiologists, and researchers who are interested in lung morphometry.