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Advances in Morphogenesis

Volume 7

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1. Auflage, 1968

Advances in morphogenesis, Volume 7 considers the significant advances in various aspects of morphogenesis. This volume is composed of eight chapters that specifically cover the concept of blastogenesis and tissue regeneration.
The introductory chapter presents the evidence suggesting that the mechanism involved in the initiation of growth in compensatory hypertrophy may not be the same as that in wound healing. The succeeding two chapters deal with certain morphogenetic aspects of the crown gall problem and the development of the innervation of the tetrapod limb by combined observations of behavior with histological studies. These topics are followed by discussions on the synthesis of mRNA during embryonic development, aspects of blastogenesis, and phases of amphibian limb regeneration. The concluding chapters examine the main features of the induction of the development of kidney tubules in the metanephrogenic mesenchyme and the utilization of the developing Fucus egg as a prototype of the localization phenomenon.
This book is directed primarily toward developmental biologists.
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