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Advances in Morphogenesis

Volume 5


Advances in Morphogenesis, Volume 5 covers the significant advances in various aspects of morphogenesis. This volume contains six chapters that specifically consider the morphological aspects and model systems of cell growth and development.
The opening chapter describes the features and various levels of patterns exhibited by feathers, with emphasis on their application as a model system to delineate morphogenesis in birds. The subsequent chapter examines the evidence concerning the control of cell differentiation organ initiation, and embryo development in organ and tissue culture. A chapter emphasizes the hypertrophic growth control to the liver and kidney. The discussion then shifts to the ultrastructural studies of the amphibian egg and its surrounding layers, which, which have clarified many aspects related to morphogenesis during the critical stages of development prior to fertilization. The final chapters examine the mechanisms for the establishment of specific connections between different sets of neurons. These chapters also look into the certain steps of macromolecular coordination that lead to the formation or transformation of the vitelline membrane, the cortical particles, the fertilization membrane, and the hyaline layer.
This book is directed primarily toward developmental biologists.