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Advances in Morphogenesis

Volume 1

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1. Auflage, 1961

Advances in Morphogenesis, Volume 1 covers the significant advances in various aspects of morphogenesis. This book is composed of nine chapters that include discussion on cell growth, differentiation, and development.
The opening chapter describes the complex process of embryonic organization, from the induction initiation to a number of differentiation processes, leading to formation of the essential part of the axial system of the embryo. The next chapters examine the basic aspects of embryology, the process of regeneration in vertebrate, the suppression of growth processes by morphostatic substances, and the role of proteases in tissue regeneration. These topics are followed by discussions on the factors that control plant cell growth and the morphological, physiological, and biochemical studies of normal pigment cell development and differentiation. The concluding chapters explore the development of limbs of tetrapod vertebrates, the morphogenesis of the vertebrate eye, and the particular phases of teleostean egg development.
This book is directed toward developmental biologists.
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