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The Vitamin Co-Factors of Enzyme Systems

Vitamin Co-Factors of Enzyme Systems

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1. Auflage, 1966

The Vitamin Co-Factors of Enzyme Systems provides a systematic account of the vitamin B complex, which play a fundamental role in a variety of biochemical reactions. This book reviews the vitamin B group in terms of their significance in enzymes reactions.
Organized into 11 chapters, this book begins with an overview of the processes by which the main nutrients are broken down into simpler components. This text then explores the existence in foodstuffs of substances essential for the proper functioning of the animal organism. Other chapters consider the synthetic method of producing a commercially important chemical to be displaced by a method based on its isolation from natural sources. This book discusses as well the effect of various vitamin deficiencies in human beings. The final chapter deals with the series of changes that represents the biochemical reactions that occur during the contraction of muscles.
This book is a valuable resource for biochemists and clinicians.
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