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The Newer Physiology in Surgical and General Practice

Newer Physiology in Surgical and General Practice


The Newer Physiology in Surgical and General Practice presents developments in the diagnosis and treatment of patients. It discusses the surgical problems and medical aspects of certain diseases. It addresses the conditions that results from insufficient vitamins in the body.
Some of the topics covered in the book are the functions of the ovary and testis; the secretion of milk; the exhausted vasomotor center theory of Crile and Mummery; the nature of surgical shock; function of the periosteum; diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of surgical shock; chemical diagnosis of pregnancy; and development of scurvy. The chemistry of thyroid colloid is fully covered. An in-depth account of the diagnosis, symptoms, and treatment of exophthalmic goiter are provided. The physiology of the coagulation of the blood is completely presented. A chapter is devoted to the physiology of uric acid and other urinary deposits. Another section is focus on the diagnosis of starvation.
The book can provide useful information to doctors, surgeons, students, and researchers.