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Ideal Marriage

Its Physiology and Technique


Ideal Marriage deals with the physical problems of marriage. The first edition of this book was published in 1928. It is the first part of a trilogy. It focuses on the sexual basis of married life and aims at increasing the forces of mutual attraction in marriage, through the evolution and improvement of physiological relationships.
This book is organized into 17 chapters. The chapters focus on the physiology of conjugal life, because knowledge here is the indispensable basis, both theoretical and practical, for success in marriage. They attempt to fill the gap which still exists in scientific literature for the medical man or woman, and at the same time give doctors an opportunity to refer those patients who need instruction in this particular matter. This book provides all the data bearing upon the physiology and technique of sexual congress, scientifically presented.
This book will be of interest to medical professionals and those interested in ideal marriage.