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A Synopsis of Endocrinology and Metabolism

Synopsis of Endocrinology and Metabolism


A Synopsis of Endocrinology and Metabolism deals with advances and current thinking on endocrine research. The book describes the diseases of the hypothalamus and adenohypophysis including aetiology, methods of investigation, signs, symptoms, growth disturbances (related to height, bone age, skeletal proportions, sexual development, mental development). The authors also investigate the diseases of the neurohypophysis and of the thyroid such as diabetes insipidus, hypernatraemia (salt imbalance), hypothyroidism, myxedema coma, and malignant exophthalmos. Disorders of the adrenal glands-adrenal cortex include Cushing's disease (excess cortisol production), adrenogenital syndrome, feminizing adrenal tumors (feminization of the male), and hyperaldosteronism. Disorders of sexual function involve main structures, namely, cerebral cortex, hypothalamus, anterior pituitary, or gonads. The book also describes disorders of carbohydrate and fat metabolism, for example, diabetes mellitus, hypoglycemia, coronary artery disease, and hypercholesterolemia. One method for reducing raised serum cholesterol levels is following diets based on corn oils or other unsaturated fat oils. This book is suitable for students of medicine, dieticians, endocrinologists, and general medicine practitioners.