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Gastric Secretion

Mechanisms and Control


Gastric Secretion: Mechanism and Control covers the proceedings of the symposium held at The Faculty of Medicine, University of Alberta, Edmonton, Canada, on September 13-15, 1965. This compilation mainly focuses on the study of gastric secretion and other biological processes involved.
This book is divided into seven parts, beginning with discussions on the anatomy and purpose of gastric mucosa. How the gastrointestinal tract is renewed physiologically is also examined. This text then gives information on the regulation, metabolism, and other biological processes in this organ. This book also specifically explains secretion and its stimulation and inhibition. Parts in this book also tackle gastrin and mucus, as well as the neuro-endocrine control. This text ends with concluding remarks, encouraging further studies of the subject.
This selection will be invaluable to students of medicine and biology, as well as specialists of gastrointestinal system.