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Mental Health Counselors at Work

Assessment of Non-Traditionally Trained Mental Health Workers and Implications for Manpower Utilization

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1. Auflage, 1969

Mental Health Counselors at Work features the assessment of mental health workers, who are non-traditionally trained, as well as the implications for work force utilization of this study.
This book first introduces the pilot training program, and then describes the settings in which mental health counselors (MHCs) were employed, as well as the characteristics of their work. MHCs expectations regarding future job functions are then presented. This text also looks into the evaluation of work of the featured MHCs, as well as into the reflections of the MHCs on their fieldwork experience. This book concludes by presenting the implications of the assessments made regarding the work of the featured MHCs.
This text will be invaluable to those in the field of mental health counseling, including trainers and practitioners.
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