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Methods in Hormone Research, Volume II: Bioassay focuses on the detailed and critical account of bioassay methods, including electrolyte and carbohydrate methods, hormones, and assays.
The selection first offers information on the statistical methods and steroid hormones and related substances. Topics include assays based on graded and quantal responses, measuring responses, types of estrogen, vaginal cornification, vaginal mitosis and epithelial thickness, and uterine weight. The book also ponders on anti-estrogenic compounds, progestational substances, and anti-gonadotropic steroids.
The publication takes a look at androgens and anabolic agents, anti-androgenic substances, and corticoids. Discussions focus on surgical procedures, mammalian assays, bird, chick comb, electrolyte, and carbohydrate methods, adrenalectomy, and stress tests. The text then examines protein hormones and related hormones and substances, thyroidal substances, insulin, glucagon, and gonadotropins.
The selection is a valuable source of data for readers interested in bioassays.