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An Atlas of the Commoner Skin Diseases

With 153 Plates Reproduced by Direct Colour Photography from the Living Subject

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5. Auflage, 1957

An Atlas of the Commoner Skin Diseases focuses on dermatoses most frequently observed in the routine outpatient practice. The book provides abbreviated clinical descriptions, diagnosis, and prognosis, as well as outline of treatment.
The book first offers information on the differential diagnosis and treatment of acne and its variants, alopecia areata, cellulitis, cheiropompholyx, and chilblains. The text also ponders on the diagnosis, treatment, and prophylaxis of dermatitis and its variants.
The publication also takes a look at the treatment, antihistaminic agents, and psychotherapy of eczema and its variants, differential diagnosis, prognosis, and treatment of epithelioma and its variants, and the diagnosis and treatment of erythema induratum and its variants. The manuscript also takes a look at the prognosis and treatment of granuloma and its variants, herpes zoster, impetigo, lichen planus, neurodermatitis and its variants, and psoriasis.
The manuscript is a dependable reference for readers interested in the commoner disease.
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