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Lectures on Massage & Electricity

In the Treatment of Disease.

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1. Auflage, 1903

Lectures on Massage & Electricity in the Treatment of Disease (Masso - electrotherapeutics) focuses on the application of massage in treating diseases.
The book first offers information on the mechanical principles of massage and the mode and method of applying massage. The text then takes a look at massage of the head, neck, and the parts in association therewith, faradic massage of the skin, and massage of muscles and nerves.
The manuscript elaborates on the massage of venous and lymph circulations, the Weir-Mitchell treatment, massage of the chest and abdomen, massage in nervous exhaustion and hysteria, and massage of the spine and back. The text also takes a look at massage in joints and bursal affections, massage in sleeplessness, pain, dipsomania, morphiomania, and melancholia, and massage in the wasting diseases of children, and in the diseases of sedentary, changing, and advanced life.
The text is a dependable reference for readers interested in the use of massage in treating diseases.
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