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Physical Properties of the Steroid Hormones

International Series of Monographs on Pure and Applied Biology: Biochemistry, Vol. 3

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1. Auflage, 1963

Pure and Applied Biology, Volume 3: Physical Properties of the Steroid Hormones illustrates the efficiency of methodology for the solution of problems of isolation, identification and quantitative determination of the physical properties of steroids.
This volume is composed of five chapters, and begins with a survey of the factors that influence the partition coefficient of steroid hormone, along with the consideration of the types and preparation of solvent systems for determination. The next chapter describes the chromatographic mobilities of steroids using several chromatographic methods, such as paper chromatography. A chapter presents the ultraviolet absorption data on structural correlations of steroids. Another chapter highlights the conversion of a steroid into a fluorescent compound through the steroid-acid interaction mechanism. The final chapter deals with the selective absorption spectra of steroids in concentrated sulfuric acid without heating.
This book is directed primarily toward steroid chemists and researchers.
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