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The Physical Management of Developmental Disorders

Clinics in Developmental Medicine, No. 26

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1. Auflage, 1967

The Physical Management of Developmental Disorders considers the role of physical medicine in the total management of developmental disorders. The optimum method of management incorporates the best features of a number of approaches, including drug, orthopedic and psychiatric, and the ''best'' program is designed to fulfill the individual needs of the child.
This book is composed of seven chapters and begins with an overview of the field of developmental pediatrics. The subsequent chapters discuss the effect of environment and abnormal sensation on motor development, as well as the essentials of assessment of developmental disorders. These topics are followed by descriptions of four major systems of physical management. The last chapters focus on the role of the parents and physiotherapist in the physical treatment of children with developmental disorders.
Physical therapists, physiotherapists, and parents of children with developmental disorder will find this book invaluable.
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