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Progress in Clinical Endocrinology


Progress in Clinical Endocrinology presents a critical review of role of hormones in metabolism. The book discusses the endocrine regulation of protein metabolism; the etiology of endemic goiter; and the relation of nodular goiter to thyroid carcinoma.
Some of the topics covered in the text are the description of hyperparathyroidism; the use of radioactive iodine in the diagnosis, study, and treatment of thyroid diseases; and hypothyroidism in children. The clinical use of antithyroid drugs; the pituitary regulation of adrenal cortical activity; and the influence of the adrenal cortex on the metabolism of food are also considered. The book further tackles the surgical treatment and postoperative care of hyperparathyroidism; the clinical diagnosis of Cushing's syndrome; and the analysis of the diagnosis and treatment of Addison's disease. A study of the theory and practice of diabetes treatment is also presented. A chapter is devoted to the diagnostic significance of pregnandiol excretion.
The book can provide useful information to endocrinologists, doctors, students, and researchers.