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Data Acquisition and Processing in Biology and Medicine

Proceedings of the 1963 Rochester Conference


Data Acquisition and Processing in Biology and Medicine, Volume 3, documents the proceedings of the 1963 conference at the University of Rochester.
The volume begins with the keynote address of the Frank W. McKee of the University of Rochester Medical Center that focused on the issue of continuing education, and the keynote address of Max A. Woodbury, Professor of Experimental Neurology, New York University Medical School, about the impact of biological computation. This is followed by the papers presented during the six sessions held during the conference.
Session I contains papers on the value of computers to physicians and hospitals. Session II deals with on computer diagnosis. Session III is devoted to computer applications in psychiatry and psychophysiology. Session IV focuses on information retrieval. Session V covers the potential and limitations of computer processing and analysis. Session VI includes studies on modeling and pattern recognition. Transcripts of discussions of the papers presented during each session are also provided.