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Genetic Neuromuscular Disorders

A Case-Based Approach

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1. Auflage, 2014

This book describes the genetic diagnostic entities of neuromuscular disorders. Each neuromuscular syndrome is presented clinically as a case study, accompanied by text reviewing different molecular defects, DNA research and differential diagnosis.


This collection of neuromuscular disorders features the different clinical phenotypes related to each genotype and are representative of the whole spectrum of a genetic muscle disorder, helping the clinician and neuromuscular physician to make a diagnosis. Key points for each genetic disease are identified to suggest treatment, when available, or the main clinical exams useful in follow-up of patients.


Genetic Neuromuscular Disorders: A Case-Based Approach is aimed at neuromuscular physicians and neurology residents.

Corrado Angelini, M.D. Università di Padova Dipartimento di Neuroscienze Padova, Italy and IRCCS S. Camillo Lido Venice, Italy Corrado Angelini has been trained at the Mayo Clinic where he worked on diagnostic features of metabolic disorders, contributed to the description of late-onset GSD II patients and discovered in man carnitine deficiency. He became Associate and Full Professor in Padova and contributed to the description of beta-sarcoglycanopathy, dysferlinopathy and Limb Girdle 1F.

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