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After Your Jaw Surgery

Practical and Helpful Information You Should Know

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1. Auflage, 2014

The author underwent jaw surgery and woke up with her jaws wired shut. For the next seven weeks, her daily living habits immediately changed, including the fact that she would be existing entirely on a very liquid diet. She had been unable to find very little helpful information on the subject of living with your jaws wired shut before her surgery, but decided that she would just be able to 'play it by ear.' However, she had no idea how many adjustments she would need to make to accommodate her new situation. The author quotes 'there are many things that would have been so helpful had I known them before-hand. I want to prevent what I experienced from happening to you. You do not need to learn everything the hard way, as I did. I have been there and I can help you!' This book has been written to help you on your journey as you live on a liquid diet with your jaws wired shut, or for that matter, any kind of jaw surgery. It is easy-to read and straight-forward. Being prepared really is half the battle!
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