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Textbook of Urgent Care Management

Chapter 37, Setting Up a Health-Care Compliance Progam


The Textbook of Urgent Care Management is now offering individual chapters for sale. The full book, provides an expert business consulting guide to potential or existing urgent care clinic owners, managers & operators as well as investors. Learn how to more effectively run your immediate care or walk-in center as well as start incorporating urgent care services into your existing primary care practice. The chapters cover valuable information from industry experts on how to start, manage, and even sell your urgent care center. Chapter 37 includes: 2010 Health Care Reform Published Guidances on Compliance Programs Risk Assessment Compliance Program Components - Written Standards, Policies, and Procedures - Compliance Officer and Compliance Committee - Training and Education - Open Lines of Communication - Monitoring and Auditing - Enforcement and 'Publicized' Guidelines - Response and Corrective Action Regarding a Detected Offense