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Stem Cells in Aesthetic Procedures

Art, Science, and Clinical Techniques


Interest in the use of stem cells in aesthetic procedures has been increasing rapidly, reflecting the widespread acknowledgment of the tremendous potential of stem cell fat transfer. This is, however, the first book to be devoted entirely to the subject. The book opens by reviewing the history of the development of pluripotent stem cells and the results of research into the biochemistry and physiology of stem cells. Adipose tissue anatomy and survival are discussed and the wide range of aesthetic procedures involving stem cell fat transfer are then described in detail. These procedures relate to the face, breast, buttocks, legs, hands, penis and Poland syndrome. In addition, potential risks and complications are identified. The book has been written by leading experts and will be an invaluable source of information for students, beginners and experienced surgeons in a range of specialties.

Melvin A. Shiffman, MD, JD, FCLM, received his MD from Northwestern University School of Medicine in 1957 and completed his residency in general surgery in 1964 at the Veterans Administration Hospital, Long Beach, California. Since then he has been continuously involved in the practice of oncologic surgery, reconstruction, and cosmetic surgery. In 2002, Dr. Shiffman became Chair of the Section of Surgery at Tustin Hospital and Medical Center and in 2009-10 he served as President of the American College of Legal Medicine. He is Editor Emeritus of the American Journal of Cosmetic Surgery, a member of the Scientific Committee of the American Journal of Aesthetic Medicine and an examiner for the International Board of Cosmetic Surgery. He is also a former Editor-in-Chief of both the American Journal of Cosmetic Surgery and the International Journal of Cosmetic Surgery. Dr. Shiffman is the recipient of many honors and is a Fellow of various colleges and societies. He has published almost 300 articles, authored or edited 34 books and written more than 140 book chapters. Alberto Di Giuseppe, MD, has been Senior Registrar of the Plastic Surgery Department of the University of Ancona since 1982 and is also Associate Professor of Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery at the University of Oradea, Romania and Associate Professor of Surgery at the Lipoplasty University of Austin, Texas, USA. After obtaining his Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery at Bologna University, he attended the Schools of Specialization in Plastic Surgery and Maxillofacial Surgery at Parma University, achieving board certification in both specialties. Dr. Di Giuseppe continued his training in England, serving as registrar and then senior registrar at the Plastic Surgery Center Mount Vernon Hospital of North Wood (Middlesex) and the Victoria Queen Hospital of East Grinstead (Sussex). Afterwards he attended the Hand Surgery Center at Utah University of Salt Lake City, directed by Prof. G. Lister. Dr. Di Giuseppe practices the full range of plastic surgery with an emphasis on aesthetic surgery and has vast experience in all facial, aesthetic and reconstructive procedures.  He is a Board Member of the European Academy of Cosmetic Surgery. Franco Bassetto, MD, is Full Professor of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery at the Department of Neurosciences, University of Padova, Italy and Chief of the Plastic Surgery Clinic at the University Hospital. In addition he is Chief of the Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery Reconstructive Residency Program at the University of Padova (accredited by the European Board of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery). Dr. Bassetto has been Principal Investigator on 50 research projects regarding issues of surgical anatomy, tissue healing and regeneration, metabolism of obese patients and clinical trials. He is a member of 19 national and international scientific societies and task forces for scientific research programs in plastic surgery. Dr. Bassetto is the author of 110 publications in national and international journals and has been a keynote speaker at a number of national and international meetings and refresher courses.