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Anticancer Genes

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1. Auflage, 2014

This book discusses the emergence of a new class of genes with a specific anticancer activity. These genes, recently defined as 'Anticancer Genes', are reviewed in individual chapters on their mode of action, the specific cell death signals they induce, and the status of attempts to translate them into clinical application.

Anticancer Genes provides an overview of this nascent field, its genesis, current state, and prospect. It discusses how Anticancer Genes might lead to the identification of a repertoire of signaling pathways directed against cellular alterations that are specific for tumor cells.

With contributions from experts worldwide, Anticancer Genes is an essential guide to this dynamic topic for researchers and students in cancer research, molecular medicine, pharmacology and toxicology and genetics as well as clinicians and clinical researchers interested in the therapeutic potential of this exciting new field.

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