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Heart and Toxins

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1. Auflage, 2014

The Heart and Toxins brings together global experts to provide the latest information and clinical trials that make the connection between genetic susceptibility, gene expression, and environmental factors in cardiovascular diseases. This unique reference, edited by renowned cardiologist Meenakshi Sundaram Ramachandran, solves the problem of managing multiple clinical cases of cardiovascular toxicity. It allows connections to be made between research, diagnosis, and treatment to avoid higher morbidity and mortality rates as a result of cardiovascular toxicity.
  • Structured to bring together exploration into the epidemiology, molecular mechanism, pathogenesis, environmental factors and management in cardiovascular toxins”
  • Included various topics on cardiovascular toxins such as plant, chemical, animal, nanomaterial and marine biology induced cardiac damage - which are new ideas discussed in detail
  • Comprehensive chapters on the cardiovascular toxicity from drugs, radiotherapy and radiological imaging
  • Enables you to manage multiple clinical cases of cardiovascular toxicity
  • Outlined conclusions at the end of each chapter providing 'key learning points” to help you organize the chapter's details without losing insight
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