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Hand Repair and Reconstruction: Basic and Complex, An Issue of Clinics in Plastic Surgery,

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1. Auflage, 2014

'Function” is the focus of any hand surgery, a frequently performed procedure by reconstructive plastic surgeons. The topics in this volume of Clinics in Plastic Surgery work their way through soft tissue procedures of the fingers and hand through the upper arm. The more common conditions and commonly performed surgeries are presented here along with the more difficult and complicated procedures. Topics include: Current practice of soft tissue repair of fingertip; Microsurgical soft tissue and bone transfers in complex hand trauma; Full cosmetic reconstruction of the digits by composite tissue grafting; Methods, pitfalls, and common mistakes in treatment of fractures in the digits; Venous flap and freesytle free flap in hand surgery; Management of pain in peripheral nerves; Technical difficulties of surgical treatment and salvage of treatment failure in Dupuytren's disease; Surgical treatment of cubital tunnel syndrome; Distal radius fracture: indications, treatment, controversies; Repair, autografts, conduits, and allografts for digital and forearm nerves: current guidelines. Two experts renown in hand surgery lead this issue - Dr Michael Neumeister and Dr Jin Bo Tang.
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