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Aim Your Brain® At Usmle Step 1

The Ultimate System for Mastering Multiple-Choice Exams

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1. Auflage, 2012

Review from a 'real' Medical Student just like you: 'This book is a life saver for ANY student taking standardized exams. I think it is a simple way to study for step 1, step 2; for interns taking step 3 with little time to study and even for premedical students taking MCAT. I actually recommend reading this book prior to medical school. I wish I had read this book before medical school. The method in this book is simple yet highly effective. It helps you focus on what you don't know. Since what you don't know is different from anyone else, you get to work only on weakness specific to you. I have tried the methods suggested in this book on my Step 1 and 2 exams. IT REALY WORKS! When I used the methods suggested on my step 1, step 2 did not feel like `such monster.' It was more like `ok! I have to just find a block of time and study.' YOU HAVE TO READ THIS BOOK if you are worried about boards as much as I was.'
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