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A New Prescription for Addiction

A Comprehensive Treatment Plan

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1. Auflage, 2013

Is Someone You Love a 'Secret' Addict? Help Free Your Loved Ones from Drug Addiction, Alcoholism, Methamphetamine, Cocaine, Prescription Drug, or other Substance Abuse with MD's Groundbreaking Treatment & Book You'd never see them at a methadone clinic, or an addiction recovery center. They won't be hanging out on street corners, nodding off or staggering around. They've good jobs, good incomes, and all the trappings of success. But when they think nobody's looking...they're popping the pills or hitting the bottle. They need help...but they're not ready to ask. And by the time their loved ones finally demand that they seek help, that carefully composed life will be starting to unravel. For the first time, a doctor has developed an addiction and alcoholism control program especially for hidden addicts-people whose lives look just fine on the outside, but underneath, they're driven by stress into addictive, destructive behaviors. Dr. Richard Gracer has pioneered a revolutionary multi-step treatment protocol that addresses substance abuse cravings and their underlying causes through intensive short-term treatment across several disciplines, and then provides a variety of ongoing treatments that drastically reduce the risk of relapse. For a small number of patients, there is even a once-a-month pharmaceutical treatment that eliminates the need for the addict to remember to take daily medication. In his new book, A NEW PRESCRIPTION FOR ADDICTION, Dr. Gracer makes this treatment program available to hidden addicts and their families around the world, not just those who can find their way to his San Ramon, California office.
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