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Revise for MRCP part 2 (written) in 5 days


The ebook is intended as a quick revision for busy SHOs and foundation doctors who are preparing for their MRCP part 2 (written). This concise ebook offers bullet point facts as they appear in the actual exam paper based on themes from past examination papers. The topics are randomly set to mimic the random nature of MRCP examination questions. Whether you are prepared for the exam and would like a quick revision, or you are running short of time you will find the book very useful and straight to the point. The fact that it's an ebook means that it's easily accessible to busy doctors while they are on duty or oncall shifts, whether they are using their AMAZON KINDLE, IPAD, IPHONE, or PCs. The book may also be useful for registrars who would like to refresh their memory on MRCP topics. Good luck.