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I Will Not Give up on My Daughter

A True Account of a Family Living with Anorexia Nervosa


A remarkably honest and chilling account of the anxiety and darkness that descends on a family when one of its members becomes a victim of anorexia. A must read for all families 'Anna was making me eat myself from the inside out' 'A true story that will evoke a strong emotional response amongst all members of a family that has a child or sibling tormented by Anorexia Nervosa.' 'As real as it gets. No stone is left unturned as Grace Summer exposes the deep feelings of a mother and daughter in a whirlwind of suffering.' I want help I need help I have help Captivity Another week passed. Watching, waiting, dreading. It was meal time. The sound of the food trolleys. Made all of our heads spin. Our stomachs knot. Supervised eating. Six times a day. Breakfast. Morning Tea. Lunch. Afternoon tea. Dinner. Supper. These were the times. We thought of escape. We were spiteful and deceitful. We wanted to take vengeance. We wanted our lives back. I wanted to go home.