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Inside Information for Women

Answers to the Mysteries of the Female Body and Her Health


Inside Information for Women covers all aspects of women's health with more than the usual explanations. When Dr. Thornton describes a pelvic exam--and why a woman needs one, she candidly reveals what simple decisions a doctor can make to eliminate discomfort and anxiety--and make the exam more effective in finding problems. In fact, no doctor has ever talked more frankly and honestly about women's health issues--issues that are important to the adolescent as well as the mature woman. Dr. Thornton gives a compassionate, yet informative look at miscarriage and infertility. She discusses the reality of labor and delivery, sexually transmitted disease, and contraceptive methods. She dispels common myths and offers sage advice about the true risks of pregnancy, 'fibroids', and cancer. She speaks out on douching, hysterectomy, menstrual problems and menopause with opinions that give women straight answers that are not found elsewhere. For common women's ailments, conditions, and even serious diseases, Dr. Thornton sensitively discusses prevention, testing, treatment, and all options available by virtue of the latest medical discoveries. She is equally candid about hormone replacement therapy for menopausal women, explaining why some women are good candidates and others are not. Using accessible language and the stories of real-life women, Inside Information for Women is a medical guide designed to make a women feel competent, confident, and knowledgeable about their bodies and able to be partners when it comes to their health. Physician and patient. She believes in bringing the two of them together so that women can be informed participants in their own health care. That she likes talking to patients shows in the vividness with which she presents information. She is that rare professional who leaves lay people with their self-esteem intact but their understanding greatly increased.