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The Little Blue Book About Hep C

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1. Auflage, 2012

This book has been written in response to requests for more diverse and practical information on living with hepatitis C. It has received invaluable input from patients (both on and off treatment), their partners, families and friends, nurses, consultants and so many others. There is information out there on hepatitis C and helping you through treatment, but the big gap appears to be in providing information covering practical, day-to-day issues. This book aims to redress that balance. In this book you will find useful information on hep C, how it can affect you, what treatments are available, and information on a variety of other issues including legal rights, working with hep C, what insurances you can (and can't) get, whether you can apply for a mortgage, lifestyle choices you can make, travel advice and much more. Not everyone with hep C is on treatment and even if you are, it will be for a finite period of time. Meanwhile, other aspects of your life can and will be affected and that's where you should find this book useful. This book is divided into four main sections: facts about hep C, lifestyle issues, clinical information and resources available. You do not need to read this book from start to finish, although you may choose to do so: alternatively, simply turn to the page or section you feel is relevant.
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