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The Essential Guide to Prescription Drugs, 12 Top Meds for 2012

Vol. 1, #1.0 ePub version


The book that brings more than 45 categories of information to covered medicines since 1978. This edition of the Essential Guide gives 11 detailed profiles of top medicines representing more than 236 brands and a 'Mystery Medicine'. This is a new 'Essential Guide' for a new age - a re-imagined reference book by Dr. Jim Rybacki, who breathed new life into the bestselling medical self-help books of the same name in the '90s - now paints a fresh portrait of the most popular medicines for 2012 and beyond. This book has been a labor of love and medicine since my first involvement in 1993, my transition to first author, then sole author, then the death of Dr. Long, my own heart attack in 2005 and now the rebirth of the Essential Guide to Prescription Drugs (EGPD) in 2012. Great depth and detail has always been the hallmark of the EGPD (for example, this book has literally 24 pages on aspirin), and now I've added new design, pictures, larger type and important Do's and Don'ts to help keep you and your family safe and even key Questions to ask your doctor BEFORE you start a medicine!